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        The complete choice for Chronic,
                       Acute or other types of pain

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Bal S. Grewal, Ph.D., FBPsS, MBBS
Executive Director
Qualified Medical Evaluator
Diplomate American Board of Medical Psychotherapists
Diplomate American Board of Disability Consultants
Member California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery

Our Pain Management Centers offer advanced and specialized outpatient and inpatient treatment programs designed for acute and chronic pain sufferers. We accept most insurance, Medicare, and specialize in Workers' Compensation. With modern and the most recent advances in the understanding of pain and pain management treatment approaches, chronic pain can be managed effectively in up to 90% of all patients.
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For information or to make an appointment,
Please contact Dr. Bal S. Grewal at (818) 999-2323,
(818) 999-9191, (661) 253-8284

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